homepage-poster2021-844x930Little Italy Madonnari Arts Festival, Inc. (“Madonnari”), Little Italy Neighborhood Association, Inc. (“LINA”) and Baltimore Jazz Alliance (“BJA”) are the presenters of  Little Italy Madonnari Arts Festival 2022.


Madonnari celebrates the creative spirit, intellectual prowess and diverse perspectives of visual, performing and culinary artists.  Each year we host an international gathering of artists who share their different approaches to defining and exploring the concept of respect: respect for tradition, respect for new ideas, respect for the environment, self-respect, respect for each other.

Board Members:

Germano Fabiani, President

Jonathan Willen, VP, Secretary

Bryan Chiapparelli, Treasurer





LINA is dedicated to the preservation, protection, growth and general well-being of the Little Italy community by collaborating with community members and others who share our objectives to celebrate urban living through communal, cultural, educational, literary and charitable endeavors and to effectively address and solve area problems.

ToMo at workBoard of Directors:

Bryan Chiapparelli, President

Dan Weiser-Sutherland, Vice President

Nancy Hayden, Treasurer

Matt Daddio, Communications Director

P.J. O’Neill, Parliamentarian







BJA’s mission is to better serve artists and audiences by elevating the role of jazz in the Baltimore region.  BJA’s priorities are:

  1. To develop new audiences for jazz
  2. To strengthen communication within the jazz community
  3. To improve media relations on behalf of the jazz community
  4. To bring greater visibility to the entire array of jazz offerings in the Baltimore region
  5. To provide greater access to performance opportunities for Baltimore-area jazz musicians


Board of Directors

Tyrone Crawley

Alice Downs

Liz Fixsen, Secretary

Jean Farnsworth

Vernard Gray

Robin Houston, Treasurer

Ian Rashkin, President

Theresa Sise

Rená Sweetwine, Vice President

Barry Glassman, Founder and Emeritus

Camay Calloway Murphy, Emerita

Mark Osteen, President Emeritus