2019 Media Gallery

Below are the portraits by artist Sharyn Chan of the art produced by our 2019 artists. Stay tuned for the incredible photos taken by our photographers, Joe Fowler, Schyler Sanks and Natalie Shipula.

Sharyn Chan 2019 art

Sharyn Chan

Lissette Aguirre 2019 art

Lissette Aguirre

Matteo Apignani 2019 art

Matteo Appignani

Abraham Burciaga 2019 art

Abraham Burciaga

Anthony Cappetto and Wendy Stum 2019 art

Anthony Cappetto and Wendy Stum

Bridget Cimino 2019 art

Bridget Cimino

Flavio Coppola 2019 art

Flavio Coppola

Graham Curtis 2019 art

Graham Curtis

Francesca Fabiani and Cyd Wolf 2019 art

Francesca Fabiani and Cyd Wolf

Beatrice Flaig 2019 art

Beatrice Flaig

Nichole Flaig 2019 art

Nicole Kristina Flaig

Ivann Garc 2019 art

Ivann Garc

Carlos Alberto 2019 art

Carlos Alberto GH

Erik Greenawalt 2019 art

Erik Greenawalt

Barbara Gruber 2019 art

Barbara Gruber

Mike Hanes 2019 art

Mike Hanes

Zuleika Hodges 2019 art

Zuleika Hodges

Elizabeth Humphries and Mannat Kahlra 2019 art

Elizabeth Humphries and Mannat Kalra

Julie Jilek 2019 art

Julie Jilek

KC Linn 2019 art

KC Linn

Sonja Mazereel 2019 art

Sonja Mazereel

Tiberio Mazzocchi 2019 art

Tiberio Mazzocchi

Lisa Michele 2019 art

Lisa Michele

Aislynn Mullen 2019 art

Aislynn Mullen

Ken Mullen 2019 art

Ken Mullen

Jasmine Pilkinton 2019 art

Jasmine Pilkinton

Jean E. Razulis 2019 art

Jean E. Razulis


Holly Lynn Schineller 2019 art

Holly Lynn Schineller

Stella Simons 2019 art

Stella Simons

Andrea Starinieri 2010 art

Andrea Starinieri

Erika Thurkins 2019 art

Erika Thurkins

Holland Waters Winslow 2019 art

Holland Waters Winslow

Sara Wenger 2019 art

Sara Wenger

Tonya Reese Youngberg 2019 art

Tonya Reese Youngberg

Baltimore School for the Arts 2019 art

Baltimore School for the Arts

City Springs EMS 2019 art

City Springs EMS

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland 2019 art

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

Photos by Natalie Shipula:



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