Participating Visual Artists 2015

Flavio Coppola

Flavio Coppola, painter, muralist and street artist, lives and works in Florence, Italy. Born in Venezuela in 1962, he  qualified in Artistic Liceum  in 1980 and received a Diploma in Advanced Studies in painting at the Fine Art Academy of Rome in 1984. He worked as a restorer of frescos, stucchi and wall decorations, in various churches in the Liguria region and for private clients.  He has participated at numerous art-shows, performances and installations, both group and individually, in the Florence and Romans scene. Active as a street-artist since early 1990, he introduced a new spirit to the well known ‘Madonnaro’ discipline in Florence and many locations in Italy and Europe and all over the south of Italy and was invited to participate at the following street-art festivals: Mercantia  Certaldo nelle edizioni  from 1998 to 2005; Antica Fiera delle Grazie nelle edizioni from 1990 to 2001 e from 2009 to 2014, Linzer Pflasterspektakel  (Austria) in 2007, The Colours of Valkenburg (Olanda) in 2008 and the Sarasota Chalk Festival (US) in 2011.


Flavio Medusa


Francesca Arsi

Francesca Arsì, painter, musician, street artist, lives and works in Assisi, Italy. Born in Genova in 1984, she is qualified in restoration and wall-painting in 2005. She worked as restorer of frescos, stucchi and wall decorations,  in various churches in the Liguria region and for private clients. She has a Batchelor’s degree in painting at the Academy of Genova in 2009 and graduated in superior studies in painting at the Academy of Torino in 2012.  She has participated at numerous art-shows, both group and single in the genovese and torinese scene. Her work selected for Athens Art 2010 and she has had shows in the gallery Marena Project, Torino and at “The Others” (Torino 2013).  Francesca performs musical decomposition along with Hairi Vogel. (2013 -) Active as a street-artist since early 2014, she introduced a new spirit to the well known ‘Madonnara’ discipline in Florence, Assisi, Siena and all over the south of Italy and was invited to participate at street-art festivals in Toulon, Almere and Scheveningen. At the yearly ‘Antichissima Fiera delle Grazie’ in Curtatone , Italy, (the world’s biggest reunion of traditional ‘Madonnari’) her work was awarded by the Rotary Club.


Arsi (720x1280)


Matteo Appignani

Matteo Appignani, born in Pescara in 1977 has been a madonnaro (street painter) since 2006. He lives and works in Florence. He received a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence in 2001. He has participated in many different art shows and festivals of madonnari in Italy in  Nocera and in Mantova. While his work as a  madonnaro is his livelihood, he has exhibited in many diverse art exhibitions, both individually and in group shows in Italy and internationally.




Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby is considered to be one if not the top street painter in the world. Mr. Kirby has been creating and developing the art form for over 15 years. He has competed and won the majority of the street painting festivals in the world including festivals in Italy, Germany, Holland, USA and others.  The majority of the work created by Mr. Kirby for the streets and pavements of the world uses one point forced perspective. This technique is more commonly called 3D art. Mr. Kirby and his studio, Murals of Baltimore, are leaders in this new development in the art form. He is able to create work that seems to lye below ground or set like a pop up book. The themes are generally conceived by the client and the studio. Michael Kirby enjoys creating work that deals with social and local issues. His goal is to use the visual arts to help solve these issues. Street painting is a unique way to be able to achieve these goals due to the “in your face” aspect of the art form. The streets are a daily necessity of people and a street painting utilizes this space to show its ideas.


italy-5_med (1)


Anthony Cappetto

An internationally recognized 3D street painting artist working in chalk and paint who shares his art form throughout the USA and internationally including India, UAE, Japan, Uruguay, Germany, Mexico, and Italy.  Cappetto over the years has been a guest of the US State Department in South America, lecturing, mentoring University students in Montevideo, Uruguay, South Carolina, and Georgia.  An early adopter/pioneer in the use of 4D emerging technologies since 2007 such as augmented and virtual reality (see animated computer model butterflies in Cappetto’s hands – picture) as an integrated part of his 3D anamorphic illusions having done public 3D/4D installations in Sarasota, Florida, Mumbai, India, and other locations internationally.  Cappetto was recently invited and participated as part of a select group of world class 3D street painters for the Dubai Canvas Festival earlier in 2015.  Team member of two Sistine Chapel re-creations in California and Mexico.  It is very important to me as a 3D street painter to design and create 3D interactive art where the public can pose and be in (and sometimes within) the art when the sizes allow.  I look forward to sharing my 3D art with everyone at the Festival.


AfAH_ACappetto_Visions_of_Cambodia_chalk_AR_illusion_wm_op_640x480 (640x480)


Pablo Machioli

I am from Uruguay, born December 30th, 1976. I immigrated to the United States in 2003 and started making art in 2012. I am a self-taught artist. Art for me is an opportunity to create my own language to express myself: to learn about everything, connect, communicate, and give back to the world. At this point, I don’t make art in one style or about one topic, I am learning and exploring, having fun being wild, passionate, real, unreal, and sensitive. My desire is to absorb as much as I can and materialize my vision of the world to share with the people who make me who I am.




Katie Better

Katie is a native of Maryland and has been chalking since 2012. She has been inspired by animation, community and public art since her college days. Her first community arts project was “Traum Baum” an interactive sculpture collaboration exhibited at the BMA in Baltimore. She’s been working in video games for 5 years and currently lives in New York as a mocap animator for Rockstar Games. She lives by the saying “Take chances, make mistakes, and GET MESSY!” Check out Katie’s work at!

resample(lanczos) (1)


Erik Greenawalt

Erik aka “The Chalking Dad” takes most of his character-drawing orders from his two daughters (who he also tries to capture in all his pictures), but has ventured out into original pieces as well as several anamorphic driveway sketches. A Pittsburgh native who is also a member of the Florida Chalk Artists Association, Erik participates in chalk festivals from New York to the Sunshine State. You can see more of his work and follow him at &




Docta Toonz

Docta Toonz was born Donald A Tyson El in Baltimore, MD. As a child, while watching his father draw and paint, he picked it up naturally, as early as the age of 2. By the time he was old enough to go to school, his mother placed him in art classes and competitions to enhance his skill. As a teenager, art would be a way of expression or communication to his peers. He and his peers were particulary into the culture of hip hop. He quoted a statement as a teen, “This is not how I draw, this is How I write,… I draw from the creator within.”


Doc and Francesca


Will Shanklin

His quiet presence evokes feelings of peace, as he diligently leans over his collection of pens feverishly moving his hand in a rapid movement he says lend to fractal patterns. A graduate of local creative high school, Carver Center for Arts and Technology , Will Shanklin has let his gifted talents and intuition be his guide through his years following high school. From traveling throughout France to starting his own company Shanklin Media, to currently running a Baltimore collective called LED Baltimore where artists have an opportunity to showcase their work to a very large audience; the unassuming passerby. Will has spent years cultivating his craft and style; a psychedelic sci-fi story he likes to call 3:33 that comes to him while he is in a trance-like state fully receptive to the work transpiring before him. Will also finds pleasure from not only creating his own work but also by encouraging others to create theirs as well. Will can be found live painting at a variety of music events, on the bodies of Baltimore residents as articles of clothing, various galleries, and of course, the 52’ x 42’ mammoth LED screen.




Maxine Taylor

A native of California, Maxine moved to Maryland more than 40 years ago when she began to paint seriously, first in watercolor and subsequently acrylic and mixed media. Active in the DC art scene as a member of Studio Gallery from 1991-1997, She is now a resident here in Baltimore, where she was represented by Montage Gallery from 2003-2010.  She has work in private collections in California, Florida, New York, D.C., Virginia and Maryland, including 18 paintings in the George Meany Center for Labor Studies formerly in Silver Spring, MD.  She continues to exhibit in both California and Maryland. She was instrumental in the creation of Passageways Artist Studios in Riverdale, MD and a participant in the formalization of the Artists’ Gallery in Columbia, MD before moving to her current studio in Baltimore.  In 2013, Maxine first participated in Baltimore’s Artscape Gallery Network as a gallerist, exhibiting other artists’ work along with her own. This was the beginning of MAXgallery, a new exhibition venue for Baltimore artists. 126 N. Madeira Street, with its new identity, continues to be her primary living/working space. In the upcoming 2015 exhibition, “Cross This Line”, she will be presenting  emerging artists partnering with established artists.

Maxine Taylor


​Jean E. Razulis

Ms. Jean E. Razulis is an artist currently using acrylic paint on stretched canvas to create large, bold, colorful figurative works of art.  An underlying theme of her work is the energy of life. As a child, Jean studied oil painting and pastels at the Randallstown Fine Arts Academy.  On a full Seagram’s Scholarship, Ms. Razulis earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts at the University of Maryland.  She later attained an MFA from the Mt Royal School at MICA.  Ms. Razulis has displayed her work at local, regional and national venues, including the Palm Springs Desert Museum where she won the Chavant Award.  She has created commissioned pieces for businesses and groups, including Crabtown Project crab  sculptures for the University of Baltimore and Loyola University.




Dan Dudrow
Dan Dudrow was born in West Virginia. He attended Louisiana State University for two years, then transferred to Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned his BFA in 1963. After spending two years in New York City, he entered the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he earned his MFA in Painting in 1967. Since 1970 he has taught full-time at MICA. During those years he has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.




Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza was born in Miami, Florida in 1987 and is a multidisciplinary artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Maria’s work combines painting, printmaking, paper-engineering, pattern design and performance art. Her current work, “Transcentricity” takes on the form of multi-layered concentric circles constructed, cut and collaged from her original paintings.  She is influenced by astronomy, ritual, material construction, surface design, and the bold risk-taking and commitment involved in aerial acrobatics. Maria’s work has been exhibited in Miami, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.



Tanya Ziniewicz

Tanya Ziniewicz investigates subtleties of human interaction, imagination, and transience through a network of organic linear forms that are continually emerging, growing, reaching, and intertwining.  Her images build and traverse paths between observation and invention, logic and emotion, similar to a mind filled with thoughts that sprout and extend, curl and unfurl, tangled like a mass of unwound string or a clustered mound of roots. The forms are invented, stemming from things such as rhizomes, ribbons, neurons, or strands of muscle tissue.  Tanya earned a BFA in Drawing from Cleveland Institute of Art in 2003 and an MFA in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. She currently resides in Baltimore, MD and has been teaching at Towson University since 2008.



Barbara Epstein Gruber

A native of Baltimore, Barbara Epstein Gruber attended Catonsville Community College, received a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, studied in the graduate fine arts program at the University of Pennsylvania and earned her MFA from Brooklyn College. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the US, Europe and the UK and has been featured in numerous local and national publications. Ms. Gruber’s work has won Best in Show and Honorable Mention at national and regional levels by such esteemed jurors as Klauss Kertess of the Whitney Museum, Bernard Chaet, Samuel Hoi, George Gurney of the Smithsonian and Doreen Bolger of the BMA. She is currently an instructor at the Maryland Institute College of Art, The Johns Hopkins University and The Yellow Barn. Most recently, she was a finalist for the William and Trafford Klots residency in Brittany, France.  Ms. Gruber’s work has appeared in the New York Times Art Review, New American Paintings, The Baltimore Urbanite, and the covers of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, The Huntington Arts Review and the Baltimore Messenger and been featured in videos for The Loudoun Times Mirror. Her work can be seen in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Washington, D.C., Europe and the UK and she is represented in galleries in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, California and Virginia. Ms. Gruber has been a guest juror for noted arts organizations and is frequently invited to participate in arts fundraisers. Barbara Gruber is currently an instructor at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and the Johns Hopkins University, The Yellow Barn and The Griffin Art Center. She has taught at Anne Arundel Community College, Stevenson University and Howard Community College. Ms Gruber’s show, “What I did on my Summer Vacation,” can be seen at Captain Larry’s Bar and Grill at 601 E. Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD through the month of September.

FullSizeRender (1212x1280)


Make Studio, Artists Louis Middleton, Kareem Samuels, Jerry Williams, Erika Clark, Alex Albert

Make Studio is a 501(c)3 community-based arts organization located in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 2010 with the mission of providing multi-modal arts programming to individuals with disabilities, Make Studio aims to put art and abilities to work throughout Baltimore and beyond to create more inclusive communities for all.  Make Studio is motivated by a consideration of quality of life for and a celebration of the whole person, and the understanding that art does not exist in a vacuum. We believe that providing avenues for communication, connection, and empowerment to artists with disabilities equally benefits individuals and their communities.  Via ongoing exhibitions, public programs, and studio services for visual artists with disabilities, we celebrate the aesthetics and concerns of artists commonly typed as “outsiders”, making visible their observations and points-of-view to increase the vibrancy of our cultural sector.




Ned Epps

Ned Epps came to Baltimore from Manhattan, KS.  His art spans different mediums and subjects but is focused in drawing and painting en plein air.  The Baltimore area provides a wonderful diversity of subjects- from dense rowhouses and abandoned buildings, ships and bridges, woods and streams, fields and trees- and Ned tries to soak it all in and express its beauty in art.  Ned’s work can be seen at the Hamilton Gallery and on his website,



Abby Cheney

Abby Cheney is a native of Baltimore City, and has been making art all her life. She is a recent graduate of Kenyon College, where she received a BA in Studio Art. Over the past year she has been living abroad and teaching art at a high school in Madrid, Spain. She is currently living in Baltimore, pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts and practicing art in the city. She has always been influenced by nature, and her work explores the relationship between people and the natural world, and how the organic can be found in unexpected places.

Abby Cheney_Fog


John Gingrich

John Gingrich is a Chicago born artist who creates art based off the practice of meditation. John was a part of the first graduating class of the Chicago High school For The Arts, Chicago’s first public arts high school. He is currently a junior painting major at MICA, with a concentration in Sustainability. John has done several murals throughout Baltimore and Chicago. In the fall of 2015, John was the winner of the Emerging Technology Center’s ‘Ride the Wave’ competition, a mural design and painting competition open to all MICA students. He shows in group exhibitions in Chicago regularly with fellow graduates from the Chicago High School for the Arts. In the Spring of 2016, John plans to study abroad for the semester in Florence, Italy, immersing himself in the murals of the Renaissance. John’s murals and paintings can be seen at





Heejun Ahn

I have been studying at Maryland Institute College of Art since 2013. Influenced by daily human interactions, nature, emotions, voices and flow of energy in the world. I was born in Korea and moved to Canada where I was able to fully commit myself to visual arts. Still experimenting with various styles, mediums and topics.

heejun_ahn_A Sushi Day Out


Daniel Heifetz

Daniel Heifetz has studied art over the years at the California College of the Arts (1960’s), the University of California, Berkeley (1970’s), and the Art Students League, NYC (also 1970’s). His interests are in figurative works and the abstract, two extremes, one essentially grounded in reality, the other in its absence.  He had exhibited in numerous shows in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and had works in private collections here and abroad.  Recent works can be viewed at


Abstrace 20140324 2


Taylor Callery
Taylor Callery is an American digital and traditional artist whose conceptually bold and graphic work has been featured in the pages of Harper’s Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Money Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.  Never relegating himself to a single format, his work is not only seen in numerous national and international publications, but also advertising campaigns and gallery exhibitions.  Taylor has also been recognized by prominent entities such as American Illustration, The New York Society of Illustrators, 3×3 Magazine, Communication Arts, The Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, and the Society for News Design among others.


-Identity Crisis-WEB-Small


Robert Hoffman
As an artist I work with ornithological icons and motifs, to me birds are the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. As a child I would wander the woods that my Grandparents owned and survey the birds and wonder what they would be like if I created a world that they would live in. When I started college I developed bird creatures that were influenced by gods of ancient history and folklore, starting with imagery similar to the Alkonost of Russian folklore then ones that were similar to the Egyptian god Ra and the Hindu god Garuda. As I continued to develop my ornithological imagery I moved away from the iconographic ideas of bird gods and began simplifying my ideas and came to my present bird imagery.




Chioma Anah
Dr. Chioma Anah is a visual artist, art therapist and licensed counselor residing in Baltimore, Maryland. She is an activist artist, whose underlying themes of her work includes; the psychology and legacy of racism, and the consequences of racial microaggressions. Chioma sees art and creativity as powerful catalysts for clarity and healing, and in viewing her artwork, she wants her audiences to increase their awareness of racism in America, and confront long histories of stereotypes and cultural biases- leading to more dialogue about race. Her current research interests mirrors her artistic themes. Chioma typically works with mixed media- using acrylics with pen and ink and/or charcoal, watercolors and collage. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and some of her works are in private collections. Chioma is the owner of C. N. Anah Designs, and the Founder of PerceptA Therapeutic and Training Center, LLC. Chioma received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from St. Mary’s College, Maryland, and her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from Hofstra University, New York. She is also an alumna of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.




Alex Fine
Alex Fine was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Upon graduating from MICA in 2004, he decided to stay in Baltimore where today he lives and works as a freelance illustrator. Alex’s clients include Time Magazine, Newsweek, WIRED, Boston Globe, Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Observer, and he has a weekly column that he illustrates for the Baltimore City Paper. His style reflects influences of vintage comic books, 90’s rock posters, and various eras of editorial illustration.




The Baltimore Academy of Illustration

The Baltimore Academy of Illustration offers students of all economic levels the opportunity to receive high-quality, college-level instruction in illustration. BAI welcomes adult continuing education students, high school students who want to sample college-level illustration courses, and traditional college-age students.  BAI instructors are working illustrators and experienced educators with a variety of complementary experiences and teaching philosophies.  A main tenet of BAI instruction is preparation for professional illustration work—challenging assignments and critiques along with practical knowledge to forge a career in illustration.




Chaya Schapiro

As a painter living in Columbia, MD for 25 years, my art reflects personal journeys and sensibilities. I am interested in exploring art not only as painting for its sake but also as a communication tool to listen to an inner feeling or sensation. The social, historical and cultural context is important to today’s individual both in introspection, reflection and how the individual tries to access one’s motivation to make choices and responses. As the artist, I have explored and considered my own reactions and choices and how I can relate the abstract thoughts to the body of work. The influences to my work have been varied and considered for a long time. My work in the beginning of my painting journey was a derivative of past painting styles, content and philosophies. The more recent work in the past three years is a description from my lifestyle, personal experiences, philosophy, nature and culture. Our culture’s inner voice is often silenced either in our everyday busyness; work environments or general malaise and is ready to be found. The inner voice directs one to make decisions and choices based on ones evolvement as a person. The painting is a way of awakening and provoking the thought in order to listen to our inner voice. I hope to achieve a way to be enlightened, connected and fulfill individuals through the lens of my art.


Chaya Shapiro


Paul Mericle

Paul Mericle is a sculptor, painter, and installation artist who lives and works in Baltimore City. His work often builds upon found objects, creating relief sculptures from materials salvaged from construction sites, vacant homes, and other discarded items. As an art teacher for Baltimore City Schools, he created the One Piece Project alongside his students.


baroness mural (1280x853)

Joshua S. Hawkins

Joshua S. Hawkins is a visual artist residing in Shepherdstown, WV. Born and raised in West Virginia he frequently spent his childhood on his own or with his sister building forts, exploring the woods, creating games and stories. He is a graduate of Shepherd University and currently works as a freelance artist.




Daniel Stuelpnagel

Daniel Stuelpnagel has participated in more than 100 exhibitions from coast to coast, primarily involving geometric abstractions and spectacular portrayals of the Aquasphere.




Damian Legend Worthy a.k.a WORTHY is a print maker/wheat paste artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. WORTHY primarily works in the realm of relief and block printing. He seeks to find alternative solutions to the approach of these techniques. His imagery is inspired by Egyptian philosophical concepts and his interest in the natural world of insects and the microcosms that reflect these ideas. The technique of relief printing is versatile. Cutting a block and developing a design from observational study, specifically of bugs or insects in nature, in grand scale using various iterations comprise the subject of this series of work. Heads, mouth parts, wings, antennae and compound eyes all akimbo in a complex mix of relief line and color creating universal pattern is central in theme throughout this body of work, titled “Magnified Universals.“ My process starts with executing detailed drawings of insects combining patterns and borrowing combinations across species, interrupting new creations with a Frankenstein eye for detail. Each combination creates an unique visual entity. Relief printing has a classic folk art universal appeal and casual accessibility perhaps enough to beguile the viewer with a fresh look at the curiosities of the insect world as pure pattern and color. The combination of these visual elements keep the viewer asking questions while simultaneously using their imagination to discover new forms. Instantly blown out of scale, when the cuts are made and printed in brightly electrifying colors, I seek to achieve a new dialogue and hopefully short-circuit our initial instinct for revulsion so that the prints become pure visual pattern and allure.
Instagram: Worthystreetart




TOVEN is a Baltimore native who began writing graffiti at age 15. He moved to New York City to attend NYU where he discovered the wider world of street art of downtown Manhattan. He has brought the influences of graffiti, street art, and illustration back to Baltimore where he divides his time between art on the streets and street inspired art in galleries.



Marshall Adams

Marshall Adams is a freelance mural artist living in Baltimore, MD. While still earning his Bachelors of Arts degree in 2005, he painted his first commissioned mural for a children’s bookstore, which sparked a pursuit of large-scale murals and public art. He has completed over 500 murals as a freelance professional for both residential and commercial clients, and has been selected to complete several state commissioned works of public art. Many of his murals have required the use of scaffolding or lifts, and each year his commissions get larger. Several of his most recent mural commissions in the Baltimore area have been over 100’ long.​



The Baltimore School for the Arts 
Visual Arts Department
The BSA Visual Arts curriculum, under the direction of Stephen Kent,  is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in basic skills and techniques as well as the means with which to think and talk about art. In the first two years students are introduced to a wide variety of media and techniques as well as the dynamics of composition. Upper level students build upon skills and techniques learned previously and are encouraged to experiment and discover a vehicle for personal expression.  Students gain a strong sense of professionalism through experiences in the school and in the art community, locally and regionally and acquire the skills necessary to produce portfolios aimed at gaining access to scholarships and the best art colleges.


BSA Visual Artists and Chloe Elswick


Melody Often

Melody Often has spent time on both coasts, the midwest, and France, cultivating a visual narrative spanning comics and painting. She attended MICA for illustration and won a Xeric for her senior thesis graphic novel, In the Hands of Boys, written by her mother. She has exhibited predominantly around Baltimore and has self-published her comic series Trinadot in print since 2009. She is transitioning to the weekly full-color webcomic format in the coming weeks.





J. Carlton French

A Cooper School of Art graduate, J. Carlton French works in various sculpture and painting media. His most notable sculpture is Moon Glory, a 65 Ib. bronze of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, cast from life, publicly unveiled with Aldrin at The Newseum in Washington, D.C. in 1999. French is currently Artist-in-Residence at Sanctuary, an artist retreat in the Maryland countryside.


Life and the Bluebird of Happiness (1275x1280)


Jon J. Steelmns

As a young artist growing up on the River De Coulo in the south of the Gembino province of St. George, Jon J. Steelmns developed his chalking skills for many years on his own before being admitted to the Southern Province Chalkers Association. Under the instruction of Master Chalker Carlos Abaya, Steelmns quickly became the star pupil in his weight-class of chalkletes. After graduating with honors and armed with a knack for design and a fearless attitude towards innovation, Steelmns chartered a boat to take his artwork to America. During this journey, his ship suffered a technical malfunction that rendered the steering column useless. Thus a 3 week journey turned into a 7 month horror at sea. Drifting and using the engine only when facing the correct way, the days went by at a painful pace as the crew slowly lost their minds. When the ship ran ashore 3000 miles from its original destination, the 40 man crew had diminished to 17, including our man Steelmns. Using his skills as a chalk artist, he made his way through the United States, stopping in every state before settling in Baltimore, MD. Over the past 10 years he has spent his time working, chalking, arting, and educating the public on the dangers of sea travel.




Chloe Elswick

Chloe Elswick was raised in the DC area and moved to Baltimore in 2000 to attend MICA, where she mainly studied drawing and photography. Since graduating, she has done architectural model building, sign painting, CAD drafting, laser cutting, chalkboard art, and some unplanned woodworking. Her art is influenced by astronomy, architecture, planetary science, and shiny things.





Bartosz Tararuj

Bartosz Tararuj is a self-taught painter living in Baltimore. His current style of painting is influenced by the hallucinogenic impressions that memories leave behind. The work is a combination of experiences emphasizing the attributes of the subject which contribute to the strongest memories of the artist’s experience with them.
“I am especially interested in showing how all in the universe is but one thing and am trying to prove this by seeking the most unlikely connections between the concrete and abstract.” – Bartosz

Caged Potential Fragmentation

Additional Participating Visual Artists coming soon.