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DATE: Saturday & Sunday September 12th and 13th, 2020
PLACE: Little Italy, Baltimore on Stiles Street between S. High and Albemarle Streets
TIME: Saturday 10am – 9pm & Sunday 10am – 9pm


  • Complete payment MUST accompany application forms
    • June 1st: Final date for saving spaces for returning vendors.
    • July 28th: All exhibitors fully registered before this date are listed in the Official Program Booklet, which is distributed at the Festival. You are also welcome to advertise in this program – see application for
    • June 15th: Regular Registration ends. Applications postmarked after this date are subject to a $35 additional

APPLICANT: Agrees to comply with all Festival regulations and guidelines as detailed herein.  Signature: ______________________


  • All spaces are 10′ X 10′ (Arrangements must be made in advance for oversized vehicles).
    • If your vehicle & your merchandise extend over 10′, you must reserve 2 spaces. (NO )
    • Vendor must back up to curb and protrude into street no deeper than 10′, unless arrangements have been paid to the
    • You must remain within the confines of your space. NO SOLICITATION IS ALLOWED ON THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS OUTSIDE OF YOUR DESIGNATED 10’x10’ SPACE.
    • Many areas are vacant for handicapped and emergency purposes. You may not block any area other than your
    • No political solicitations are permitted.


  • You may rent 10’ X 10’ pop-up tents from the Art Market Sponsor – see application for pricing
    • If rented, the tent is delivered to your space prior to your entering the Festival area & removed after the closing
    • Please contact your Block Captain immediately if a tent you ordered from us is not at your space by
    • Tacks, staples, nails or pins may not be used on the tents; however string or clips are acceptable attaching
    • Restitution will be required for damages to any rented



  • Product changes or product line additions, after an application is filed, is prohibited without the written consent of the Sponsor. ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED


  • Area maps with your final space assignment are e-mailed in August. Please observe the one-way traffic restrictions on the designated streets.
  • All municipal parking garages (as identified on the map) provide all day parking. We ask all vendors to park in the garages and leave the on-street spaces near the Festival grounds for the Festival patrons (a.k.a. your customers). THE ART MARKET SPONSOR, THE FESTIVAL COMMITTEE, AS WELL AS PROPERTY OWNERS, HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR VEHICLE TOWED IF YOU PARK IN A NO-PARKING ZONE.


  • Set up begins any time after 6 m. on Saturday morning; however any tents rented from the Art Market Sponsor will not be in place at their space until 9 a.m. and no vendor vehicles are permitted to enter the Festival grounds after 9 a.m.
  • Sunday morning set up begins at 6m. and no vendor vehicles are permitted to enter Stiles after 9a.m.

S. High Street between Pratt and Eastern and Fawn Street between S. High and Albemarle are officially closed from Thursday, September 10 at 4:00 pm  through Monday, September 14 at 10 a.m.  Stiles between Albemarle and S. High is officially closed to traffic on Friday at 9am until Sunday at 9pm. NO VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO MOVE WHILE THE STREET AREA IS CLOSED EXCEPT FOR UNLOADING FROM 6-9AM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 AND SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 AND LOADING 9-10PM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 AND SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13.

  • No additional vehicles are permitted in vendor spaces except those serving
  • Vendors may drive to their space, unload quickly, move vehicle to a parking garage and return to the space to complete the set up process, prior to the closing of the
  • Festival Committee Block Captains will be on duty Saturday from 8am – 9pm & Sunday from 8am – 9pm to assist


  • All sales must end at close on both days. If you have too many items to close down immediately, please bring tarps or bed sheets to cover your merchandise until the pedestrians leave!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO VENDOR VEHICLES are permitted into the Festival area until all pedestrians are cleared from the
  • No vehicles may move from their location at the festival until the Police give the “All clear of Pedestrians” announcement. The Festival Committee must wait for the signal from the Baltimore City
  • Exhibitors must clean their assigned spaces at the end of each day. All exhibitors must clear the streets as soon as possible (after vendor vehicles are allowed on the grounds) on both days to allow the City and Festival workers to complete the cleaning of the Festival


  • All exhibitors eligible to pay Maryland Sales Tax are required to take care of their tax obligations.
  • For specific information please contact:

Maryland Sales & Use Tax Division, Special Events Section – Room 201, 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21201, 410-767-6961


  • Restrooms are located throughout the grounds in Restaurants; see the Festival Program map for


  • Free copies of the Festival Program are available at the Festival Information Booth at Pandola Italian Learning Center on Stiles Street.
  • Additional copies are also delivered to your space for distribution to the public. Please notify your Block Captain if you need more


  • A completed application and payment is a commitment to show. No full refunds will be
  • Partial refunds will be given based on the number of days before the opening day of the show as follows:

June 30th – 80%        August 1st40% August 15th – 20% after August 16th – No Refunds.



  • The Art Market Sponsor reserves the right to restrict or refuse an applicant’s participation if they exceed our limitations of a category, or for any other reasons deemed appropriate by the Art Market Sponsor. In such a case, the application fee is refunded.
  • Vendors must attend both days – otherwise they are in jeopardy of losing their prime location for the following year.

  Electricity, water, tables and chairs are not supplied.



EVENT SPONSOR: Murals of Baltimore, LLC.

INDEMNIFICATION: The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Murals of Baltimore, LLC, Little Italy Neighborhood Association, Inc., and the Little Italy Madonnari Festival Committee, their officers, directors, employees and agents (the “Indemnitees”) from any and all claims including, but not limited to, those based upon property damages, personal injuries, taxes and/or loss, in any way related to the Festival including reasonable attorney’s fees, unless such loss or injury is directly the result of negligence on the part of Indemnitees. Exhibitors are required to remove all valuables from their booths after the close of the Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Murals of Baltimore, LLC, Little Italy Neighborhood Association, Inc.,  and the Little Italy Madonnari Art Festival Committee and their officers, directors, employees and agents assume no liability for loss of or damage to exhibitor’s property.


Date                                              Signature                                                                                                               


After receipt of your application information & ALL fees, the Art Market Sponsor will send information confirming your attendance. In August 2019, we will also send directions, assignment number and other pertinent information.


For any questions or concerns, please contact Michael Kirby at 410-419-8416, or visit our website